Progress Update

May 31, 2008

This week(though weekend days are left) I tried to setup local proxy support to yahoo. Last night I was able to setup the proxy and yahoo protocol was working well with proxy support. Although global proxy support is left but local proxy support is implemented.

But one of the major problem has appeared while testing proxy support for yahoo. The problem is while using the connectionhandler class of jymsg library, the proxy is applied to whole sip communicator( i.e. RSS account also start using this proxy). When I tried to find out the reason for the same, I found that in the documentation of jymsg library, it is stated that the library sets the environment variable to use proxy support which is the cause of the problem. The only solution that I can think of it to modify jymsg library for proper proxy support. Today and tomorrow (i.e. on weekend) I try to implement the same for RSS and one more protocol and test them thoroughly.

Week Progress Report

May 26, 2008

This and former week I studied the developer guide for OSGi services, UIService, Gui plugins etc. I tried to implement a few of them. I am feeling somewhat comfortable with creation of service, using existing services etc. I feel I will become more comfortable as time passes and I start using these services. I am really impressed by Emil Ivov for creating such simple and useful developer guides.

I have started working on the project now. The first problem I am facing is whether to use configuration form or account registration wizard for the creation of global proxy setting plugin. I am discussing it with the mailing list. Also I have send a email to my mentor regarding my confusion. I have not heard from him till now. but I hope he will respond in coming days as official coding period has been started (or going to start in a couple of hours due to different time zones).

In the meantime I have started implementing the local proxy settings plugin addition to yahoo account.


1. Reading Documentation: – Almost done. Will become comfortable in the coding phase.

2. Creation of Global Proxy Plugin: – In discussing state.

3. Implementing proxy setting to yahoo and RSS feed :- Yahoo (working state)

Long Journey

May 13, 2008

I today finally managed to settle down after a very long journey comprising of 48 hours. The journey was not so tiring as expected by me. I will start working on my sip project from tomorrow only as I am going to sleep after writing this blog. I will try to post my progress as early as possible (at least once in a week just after weekend).  Actually, I plan to post in every two/three days (three posts in a week). I has read some of the developer tutorials during my journey and will try to implement these tutorial tomorrow. e.g. I have read some Oscar tutorials for creating services and will try to create some simple services. Also I need to study some other tutorials such as UIService, gui plugins etc. My TODO list for next two days includes studying rest of developers tutorials and try to implement these tutorials to do some simple tasks in sip communicator.

First Post

April 22, 2008

Hello everybody,

My project is to add proxy support to sip communicator.

I am quite busy with the end semester examinations to be held in next week. However, I will try to devote some time to learn for sip communicator.

My TODO list contains:

Getting comfortable with the architecture of sip communicator. Learn to create gui plugins as well as OSGi services and to study the various supporting libraries.

About Me

April 22, 2008

I am a engineering pre final year student in Computer Science majors studying in Institute of Technology, Varanasi.