Week Progress Report

This and former week I studied the developer guide for OSGi services, UIService, Gui plugins etc. I tried to implement a few of them. I am feeling somewhat comfortable with creation of service, using existing services etc. I feel I will become more comfortable as time passes and I start using these services. I am really impressed by Emil Ivov for creating such simple and useful developer guides.

I have started working on the project now. The first problem I am facing is whether to use configuration form or account registration wizard for the creation of global proxy setting plugin. I am discussing it with the mailing list. Also I have send a email to my mentor regarding my confusion. I have not heard from him till now. but I hope he will respond in coming days as official coding period has been started (or going to start in a couple of hours due to different time zones).

In the meantime I have started implementing the local proxy settings plugin addition to yahoo account.


1. Reading Documentation: – Almost done. Will become comfortable in the coding phase.

2. Creation of Global Proxy Plugin: – In discussing state.

3. Implementing proxy setting to yahoo and RSS feed :- Yahoo (working state)


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