Progress Update

This week(though weekend days are left) I tried to setup local proxy support to yahoo. Last night I was able to setup the proxy and yahoo protocol was working well with proxy support. Although global proxy support is left but local proxy support is implemented.

But one of the major problem has appeared while testing proxy support for yahoo. The problem is while using the connectionhandler class of jymsg library, the proxy is applied to whole sip communicator( i.e. RSS account also start using this proxy). When I tried to find out the reason for the same, I found that in the documentation of jymsg library, it is stated that the library sets the environment variable to use proxy support which is the cause of the problem. The only solution that I can think of it to modify jymsg library for proper proxy support. Today and tomorrow (i.e. on weekend) I try to implement the same for RSS and one more protocol and test them thoroughly.



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